Friday, July 20, 2012

Days 49 to 51 - Utah State University

Books stacked in the USU Library
Day 49 (July 13) started out with Daniel's campus tour of Utah State University (USU).  We all got to hear about the majors offered at USU and see all of the new buildings.  It made me really want to go back to school there.  I think Daniel was impressed by their programs.  One thing he learned was that engineering students could live together in one of the dorms so they would have a built-in support system.  He also was told that he could double major in music and engineering or minor in music and that was perfectly acceptable.  Also, the engineering program has a specific study abroad in Germany so he really liked that idea.  He got to meet with both a music advisor and an engineering advisor to hear about the programs.

Dinner at Tandoori Oven in Logan
After the tour we got to eat lunch in the Hub (a food court) and then we got ice cream at Aggie Ice Cream.  We also saw some of the engineering labs such as the space engineering lab.  Then we went down town and shopped at the sidewalk sales (buying Daniel some dress pants and Erin a new dress).  We also got to go into a music/book store and bought a new board game for us to play.  After all of this we ate dinner at Tandoori Oven (the wonderful Indian restaurant that is in a gas station).
Dinner at Tandoori Oven in Logan

T-shirt Daniel got at the Utah Festival Opera
The next day we went shopping for a bit, including picking up Daniel's pants from hemming.  Then we went on a tour of Aggie Ice Cream (and got another ice cream cone).  We went to Gia's for dinner (which wasn't wonderful) and then went to the Utah Festival Opera and Music Theater production of Kiss Me, Kate.  That was a wonderful performance and we got two great t-shirts from there.

T-shirt I got at the Utah Festival Opera

The next day we packed up and headed up to Jackson, WY.  We drove through Logan Canyon and saw people rock climbing, canoeing, and camping.  Then we passed by Bear Lake, where we ate pizza for lunch.  We got the 2nd largest pizza and could barely finish it.  They had a huge pizza (24" diameter) with a wall of fame of those who finished it (see photo), but we didn't try it.  David did buy some chocolate-covered raspberries to try.

No way we could eat the largest pizza (24" diameter)
We drove through some very desolate places in Idaho until we finally crossed into Wyoming, and then finally to Jackson, WY.  Our Super 8 there wasn't great (Erin had to sleep on the floor), but it was okay for the price.

Dinner at Tandoori Oven in Logan
Dinner at Tandoori Oven in Logan

Moritz being silly trying on a tux jacket
Erin's new dress

View of Bear Lake, Utah

Hummingbird (on left) at Bear Lake
Old house on Bear Lake


  1. I should have had you buy me Chicken Curry and garlic nan then send it to me in a box! I love Tandoori so much. And I love Logan so much. Can I go back to school?

  2. Sure thing -- need more student loans though!