Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 60 -- The Spam Museum and St. Paul

David Burnham and wife Reem
Day 60 -- I did this post and had it up there, but somehow it disappeared! So, I'll try to remember what happened on Day 60.   The main thing I remember happening is that we went to the Spam Museum in Austin, MN on our way to St. Paul.  It was interesting to see the history of Hormel and how Spam played a role in WWII.  I also got some interesting shots of the kids trying to work on a Spam assembly line putting together cans of Spam.  Too funny!
Then we headed to St. Paul to see David's best friend from childhood and college -- David Burnham.  We had a wonderful dinner with them and they put us up for the night.  The next morning we saw a few St. Paul landmarks on our way out of town.  We saw the Minnesota State Capitol Building and the St. Paul Cathedral.  

Daniel and Moritz competing to can Spam

Old Dinty Moore Can
St. Paul Cathedral

St. Paul Capitol Building

Erin canning Spam
Old Hormel can



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